Convertible Hood Specialists

We also specialise in the diagnosis and repair of sliding/tilt sunroofs and convertible roofs.

The difficulty level for any of the repairs listed below is classed as "Very High". Our familiarity in this field means we can boast a higher than dealer level of expertise.

The areas covered are:

  • Solving water ingress through hood adjustment, seal adjustment, blocked/detached drain tubes, fabric stitching, waterproofing of fabric, door membrane sealing or cracked plastic rear screens.
  • BMW, MINI and Porsche convertible hood fabric replacements.
  • BMW rear plastic screen replacements.
  • Convertible hood frame repairs/replacements.
  • MINI convertible roof guide and cable replacements.
  • Panoramic roof repair – common cassette issue which involves all cables and guides to be replaced instead of replacing the entire frame which is favoured by most dealerships (BMW and MINI).
  • BMW Z4 hydraulic motor replacement.

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