About Us

Forza GB is foremost a BMW, MINI, and Service specialist.

Where did it all begin?

Well, having worked for Broughtons of Cheltenham as a TVR/Rolls Royce/Bentley engineer for 5 years I decided to move across (next door) to Cotswold BMW Cheltenham where David Jaquest, BMW service manager for Cotswold Cheltenham and now Cotswold Gloucester, gave me the opportunity to excel and work towards BMW Master Technician which I achieved 6 years later.  Had it not been for David, then the inspiration for Forza West LTD may never have happened.

During my later years with BMW I learned much in the way of customer care, what the customer wants and how to work with modern in-car technology. This is when the idea of creating a BMW/MINI specialist first came about.

In 2008 Forza West LTD opened its doors in Chepstow working from a small unit in Bulwark.  Since that day we have experienced rapid growth which is still accelerating and in 2015 we had to move to another unit in Caldicot which is 3 times bigger (still not big enough though) where we currently have 4 bays and a much larger reception with customer area.

Why Forza West?

Well firstly Forza is the Italian word for Power and secondly my wife Judy's maiden name is Fozard so with that came Forza. West was just a factual point – we are in the West.

Today we have a good strong business which is growing and hopefully in the near future we will expand to Bristol and further as we look to open up several other specialist garages under the new company name FORZA GB (GREAT BRITAIN) LTD.

Forza GB – Service beyond expectation